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Tabetha Michelle Awen


As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Alchemist and Reiki M: I have one foot planted firmly in the world of fact and science, while the other foot dangles dreamily in the esoteric, energetic and magical.


Spirituality isn't just one thing.  It's all the things. It's the high vibes, the down and dirty healing and it's the pure childlike joy and wonder in things unseen. I utilize all these parts in my workings. When we open to not just duality, but omniality - this is when true authenticity, joy and healing can happen. 

Harnessing skills I've gained from years working in the fields of Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programing and pairing those with intuitive and energetic skills honed in the esoteric world, I've personally developed the multidimensional technique of Hypno-Alchemy.


Alchemy is the practice of transforming one thing into something even greater. Hypnosis gently alchemizes the brain: as healing trance can help to refire neurons and reset neural pathways in healthier patterns. I pair this with my esoteric tool bag working to heal the subtle bodies as we simultaneously heal the powerful subconscious. 


In sessions I combine the clinical and the magical to take change and healing to the next level. How the two come together will be unique to each individual. Be it healing hypnotic trance, energy work, crystal healing, goddess work or a combination of all the above.


I work to connect the powerful subconscious, to your soul, your body and your chi for the alchemy you wish to see in yourself and your life. 


Ailceimic Healing



Image by Greg Rosenke


In these sessions a lovely, gentle and yet deep  hypnotic trance is used in combination with Tabetha's esoteric techniques to realign the subtle energy bodies. We work together combining the enormous powers of your subconscious with that of your spirit and your chi.


At the end of this hour and a half session you will feel the heady combination of your own activated inner power and the lovely relaxation of your body and mind. 

Woman in Forest

Goddess Healing

This healing is all about empowerment. Want to boost your inner strength, confidence and self love? 

On a spiritual journey and looking to level up? Wanting to love and integrate your

shadow? Goddess Healing can bring you to your next level. 

A session involves selecting  your perfect Deity match. Learn how to empower yourself through

 their archetype. We'll end with a gentle trance  calling in the vibrational frequency of your chosen deity. Leaving you feeling amazing. Like the powerful being you truly are. 

Image by Studio Kealaula

Crystal Spirit Healing

This session involves connecting to crystal spirit.

This connections assists us in both selecting the proper crystal for your specific needs during the session as well as assisting us during the deep crystal healing meditation meant to realign your vibrational field and spiritual energy, to best prepare you for your current goals.

As an added benefit learn how to work with that crystal day to day to continue the yummy healing vibes.

Why Naturopathy

Why Ailceimic Healing?

It can help with

Goal Achievment

Working towards something amazing and need that little extra burst of motivation and inspiration? Find it here.


Learn to access your own true strength. Free your real voice. Level up.

You are a powerful being. 

Relax & Renew

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious? Take the time for yourself to truly let go and relax. So many clients have referred to their sessions as a mental massage. It is that relaxing. 

Chronic Healing

Are you challenged by ongoing health problems? Hypno-alchemy gives a brand new key towards your healing .


Tabetha Michelle Awen, a proudly disabled light worker,  passes along a whole new tool kit to help you live your best possible life within the earthly form you've been given. 

Phobia Release

Letting go of whatever that fear may be, can be easier than you'd ever imagined.


Are you a lightworker, a healer, an empath or someone on a the amazing quest that is spiritual betterment? This is the next step into 5D

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